Nicola Ulivieri is a Telecommunication Engineer, PhD in Information Engineering, with various years of experience both in the academic area and industry.

His main activity is the project and developing of automatic measurement and control electronic systems and the developing of data analysis software. (Here an example of IEEE1451.4 compliant system realized in collaboration with JLM-Innovation).
Part of his activity was also carried out outside Italy (UK, at SRL - Univ. of Warwick; Spain, at ISP - Universitat de Barcelona ), as well as in international schools as lecturer.
In 2012, his project "Solar Ovens" is rewarded for the contest "Siena Carbon Free 2015".



- Title: “Dispositivo per il rilevamento del passaggio di veicoli lungo una strada”. Application.: PO2005A00005.

Ing. Nicola Ulivieri, PhD